Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is an up to date picture of our little family. As you can see, Abigail is about as tall as her mother. YIKES ~ I better keep a lock on my closet door! Zachary is growing too! He had a little slower start than her but he is catching up there. It's amazing how fast they grow. Here are our two angels (don't look too close you may see the horns their halo is covering (hee hee) It was an awesome experience on the way to church this morning...Abigail said to us she couldn't wait to get to church to sing, Praise the Lord & testify. She also went on to say she gets funny feelings in her tummy when it's time to go to church. Zachary chimes in and says ME TOO. I'm going to testify and shout HALLELUJAH and run around the church. Well, you can't image how their parents felt. Then to top it off we had an EXCELLENT service at church! It's our prayer that they continue to Love Jesus with their WHOLE heart.
Abigail & Zachary, mommy and daddy are very proud of you and love you lots!


Angie Davis said...

Sarah, you're going to have to start growing again--or consider some gigantic high-heeled shoes!

Sarah said...

Angie, I'm afraid high-heeled shoes may not even work. I'll have to consider growing (TALLER~that is), I guess. Good to hear from ya!

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