Friday, May 30, 2008

School's Out For One Little Guy.....

What a bitter-sweet day for this mommy!!!! Today was Zachary's last day of Preschool...which means next year is Kindergarten *Hang on while I go for another box of tissues ~ SNIFF SNIFF* That means my baby has outgrown the baby stage. Zachary has changed alot this year. He used to be a quiet little guy, who would shy away from EVERYONE when they would try talking to him. NOW, he won't be quiet....why does that always happen LOL.... Zachary is usually the first one to testify in church and sometimes the first to request prayer for one of his Uncle & Aunt's or cousin. This mommy's heart leaps for joy hearing her not so little one testify or praying for someone else. I just pray that he always keeps his heart open and tender toward the things of God. Zachary has brought such HAPPINESS into our household. While we've had our MANY battles with him physically, God has ALWAYS brought us through them. What an AWESOME God we serve!!!! People will comment to us in the store about how Zachary seems like he is always happy and he is!

We had a lady the other day following us around in a thrift store and I began to get a little worried....finally she said I just love listening to him talk & laugh. Zachary is very special to us. When God picked out a son for us I think he picked the BEST! Zachary, mommy loves you with all her heart!!

Taken the 1st day of Preschool......Taken the last day (TODAY)

If you look closely the purple.....this was taken in front of his school
flower to the left of Zachary
is the one he brought home
for Kindergarten Round Up

On the last day of Preschool.......playing in the sand (OF COURSE)
the children went to the Park to
play...Zachary is the one in the
helmet...5th child back

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