Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The next kindergarten teacher
Zachary absolutely ADORES this puppy, Cuddles and surprisingly enough Cuddles LOVES Zachary too.
(My parents are dog sitting)


Abigail is enjoying being able to ride her bike finally!
Zachary is happy to be able to be outside
(although in this picture he doesn't seem too happy)

A Day At The Park

ZACHARY THOUGHT HE WAS 'AWESOME'He pushed the merry-go-round himself then.....
(Talk about mommy's heart doing flip flops ~ YIKES)

As if the merry-go-round deal wasn't enough, he climbs the HIGHEST slide in the park and goes down on his feet instead of sitting!
Typical little boy, throwing rocks into the river.

Now I have to worry he doesn't fall in!!! WHAT WILL HE DO NEXT!

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