Thursday, July 5, 2007

Our 4th of July

Ok, so normal people spend their 4th of July having cookouts & watching fireworks....we of course are not normal....we spent ours in the Emergency Room with Zachary. We did end up getting to fireworks though. It all started July 3rd. Zachary outside riding his bike when he was stung twice by a bee. It was on the left side of his nose. He seemed fine after mommy made it all better. That night we went to one of the local church around our area that was having fireworks. They passed out glowsticks to all the children. Zachary's somehow busted and the stuff inside got all over his clothes and hands. At first, he thought he was pretty awesome because he was glowing in the dark, but he realized not long afterwards it was not so awesome. He rubbed his right eye and yes you guessed it...the glowy (is that really a word LOL) stuff got in his eye. Zachary began SCREAMING...MY EYE IS BURNING!! Needless, to say we were almost in a panic. With all Zachary has been through we never know what might happen with him. Thankfully, the church had thought ahead and had paramedic guys on the ground. They rinsed his eye with water several times and it seemed to have helped. We were told they were non-toxic so he should be fine, but of course to keep an eye on him. With all that taking place, we didn't watch much of the fireworks because this all happened just as they started. We knew the next day was the 4th and had planned to watch more that night anyway. Well, when Zachary woke up Wednesday morning, his left eye was swollen almost shut. We called and spoke with his doctor and because of Zachary's history they thought it best he be checked out. They were concerned he was having an allergic reaction. So off we go to the ER. Well, long story short, it is just a normal reaction when around the eye like that. He is not necessarily allergic to them. We Praise the Lord for that! They said he will probably swell more the next few days so we just have to give him Benedryl & eye drops till things are better. Through it all, Zachary was a little trooper!

Sometimes, this is like our 2nd home...
kind of scarey huh!
Being a little trooper!
Results of a bee sting
Face Painting of a Cat
Face painting like fireworks

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