Friday, October 17, 2008

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I just wanted to see how this turned out. Enjoy if you want LOL! I think it's neat!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


On Friday evening @ 7:00 PM, my neice, Miss Lynette Watters became Mrs. Lynette Thoroughman. It was a Beautiful wedding! It was a candlelight ceremony. Tim (her Dad) & Joseph (the Groom) sang "My Little Girl" just before Tim gave her away. Joseph wrote a beautiful song to Lynette and sang to her "Between Your Heart & Mine". Then Joseph & Lynette beautifully sang a song together "To Serve Christ". Lynette's Dad admonished Joseph to handle her gently in his humorous way. He also advised him if he came home from work and Lynette was having a rough day to remind her that her Dad loved her AFTER Joseph told her he loved her. It was very cute! Our prayer is that they keep Jesus the CENTER of their home and marriage. They have moved 6 hours away from us for which we are sad because they will be missed. We are happy for them though as they fill this is where God would want them and we want them to listen & follow His leading! We do miss them already though! CONGRATULATIONS LYNETTE & JOSEPH! Love ya!

Dad giving his little girl away

Mr & Mrs Joseph Thoroughman

Joseph, Lynette & her parents, Tim & Esther & sister, Kayla

The Wedding Party


The reception brought back memories for Tony & I. It was 12 years ago we started our lives together with a reception there. It was nice to go back see so all that had changed. Not really much that I remember but I wasn't paying that much attention 12 years ago LOL! I was privileged to be the Wedding Coordinator for Lynette and Joseph so I helped with the decorations and such. WHAT A BIG JOB! I was beat by the end of the day! Everything turned out beautifully though.

Daddy & His Little Girl

The decorations at the hall

Punch & Cake

Opening gifts

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