Tuesday, May 22, 2007


WOW~It's been a while since I've posted. Well, I'll explain a little bit of why....MY HUSBAND .....he had Septoplasy surgery. What is that you ask? It's on his nose! I told him if he didn't quit being so nosey I would do something about it LOL well a woman MUST keep her word!!

(ok I'll tell the true story now hee hee)

He had a bone wedged sideways inside his left nostril which had caused his nose to get off track, therefore, causing the cartilage that separates the nostril to begin to grow wrong (on the right side) and it was nearly cutting off his breathing. The doctor says as bad as it was it is obviously something he has had for a while. We do know he had what look like a growth on the right side of the nostril for a while...couple years maybe...but the doctor says something was wrong way before then. Anyway, they have corrected the problem. He is just dealing with the after effects....having to keep gauze taped to the underside of his nose to catch any drainage that might happen. ESPECIALLY at work! This also helps with the dust at work. As far as pain, he has not been in any! I do have after surgery pictures but I didn't post them. I know some may not be able to handle the site of blood so for their sake I didn't post. I've had to change the dressing every day. The first few days it was AWFUL!!! I have now adjusted to it. Anyway, this is my excuse for not updating...I was playing nurse to my dear husband along with my other duties.

Night before surgery
In pre-op room
Ready to go to surgery

2 days after surgery

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