Friday, June 29, 2007

New Addition To The Family

We have now adopted a little puppy...ok he is about 10 yrs old but he LOVES the kids! This is the dog my parents were taking care of. The owner decided he wasn't going to be able to care for the dog like he needs and wanted to give him to a good home...SOME HOW HE FOUND HIS WAY TO MY HOUSE!!! Ok, MAYBE, I let him move in. For the most part Cuddles is a very good dog!

This fuzzy wuzzy little puppy....
has had a makeover....
I thought this picture was so cute. He looks as if he is praying...he is really BEGGING for food. Just so you know, NO HE DID NOT GET ANYTHING!
Zachary with Cuddles
Zachary & Abigail with Cuddles

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