Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More from our weekend

I debated whether to add the following 2 pictures because they are sort of dark. I have decided to include them anyway because it was part of our weekend. This was my 4 month old nephew, Aaron's Dedication.
My 2nd Cousin holding Aaron as he was dedicating him back to God.

My Grandmother, Naomi, My Mother Cathy, My Father Phillip I,
My Brother & Father of Aaron Phillip II & Sister in law & Mother of Aaron Merrie Beth

Grandpa & Grandma were playing games with the grandkids...
They loved this game...they had to get 2 balls to stay inside the parachute. SO MUCH FUN


The children LOVE to pose for pictures and Aunt Sarah (and Mommy) is ALWAYS ready with her camera

Steven ~ 7yrs old
Jason ~ 7 yrs old
TWINS ~ Steven & Jason ~ 7 yrs old
My darling daughter and I might add the ONLY granddaughter in my parents 7 grandchildren...she isn't spoiled at all (haa haa)
Abigail ~ 7 yrs old
The three-some
Jason, Abigail & Steven

And yes I have MORE............Luke Thomas

Luke playing with his bow & arrow
Although he was not using arrows, he enjoyed picking bark off the trees and sticking in the arrow and shooting. (And yes I do have a picture of that also ~ **smiles**)

Nanny, as referred to by the children (my grandmother),
lives on a hill. The children thought it was AWESOME to walk down in her field & play.

More picture of of the children
down over the hill...

...and at least one more...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Weekend Part 2

As I told you in previous posts, my brother & his family were in from Kansas for 2 weeks. We took advantage of this and 'tried' to get everyone together for a family picture. Have you ever tried that with 7 children under the age of 7....WHEW!!!! WHAT A JOB IT WAS! Here are a few I picked out to post.

The Grandchildren
Standing ~ Steven & Jason
Sitting ~ Timothy, Zachary, Abigail holding Aaron & Luke

This is my little family L-R
Tony, Sarah, Zachary 4, Abigail 7
My brother & his family L-R
Standing Jason 7
Sitting Steven 7 (yes they are twins), Phillip holding Luke 2,
Merrie Beth holding Aaron 4 months, Timmy 4 (on ground)
My Parents
Cathy & Phillip

Our Weekend

We went away for the weekend to my Grandma's. She lives in Southern Ohio. On Saturday we had a Family Reunion on my Grandma's side. There were close to 200 hundred people there and many, many others who were not able to make it. Here are only a few pictures I took (I took close to 200 pictures). We had a GREAT time. It was nice to see family who we usually do not see for another year.

This was a memorial table for those who have passed away. We lit a candle for each one starting with my Great Grandparents down to the lastest passing which was a cousin just losing a baby she was due for in July. Very sad!We have a silent auction as well as a live auction. This helps raise funds for our Reunions each year. It is usually a BIG hit! We had 7 tables FULL of items being sold. In this picture the lady happens to be my grandmother and my nephew.
This is not even part of the food that is provided. Each family usually brings dishes to pass. We NEVER run out of food. We definitely cannot go away hungry. There is always a good variety.
There are even games for the children as it is sometimes hard to occupy them or keep them out of trouble.
This year we did something different. We had a Family Tree. The picture in the middle of the tree is my Great Grandparents. The branches are their children and the leaves are those who were actually at the reunion. As you can see, there are quite a few empty spaces and even branches that have leaves not all their family was even there. Talk about a big family!!!!

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