Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More from our weekend

I debated whether to add the following 2 pictures because they are sort of dark. I have decided to include them anyway because it was part of our weekend. This was my 4 month old nephew, Aaron's Dedication.
My 2nd Cousin holding Aaron as he was dedicating him back to God.

My Grandmother, Naomi, My Mother Cathy, My Father Phillip I,
My Brother & Father of Aaron Phillip II & Sister in law & Mother of Aaron Merrie Beth

Grandpa & Grandma were playing games with the grandkids...
They loved this game...they had to get 2 balls to stay inside the parachute. SO MUCH FUN


The children LOVE to pose for pictures and Aunt Sarah (and Mommy) is ALWAYS ready with her camera

Steven ~ 7yrs old
Jason ~ 7 yrs old
TWINS ~ Steven & Jason ~ 7 yrs old
My darling daughter and I might add the ONLY granddaughter in my parents 7 grandchildren...she isn't spoiled at all (haa haa)
Abigail ~ 7 yrs old
The three-some
Jason, Abigail & Steven

And yes I have MORE............Luke Thomas

Luke playing with his bow & arrow
Although he was not using arrows, he enjoyed picking bark off the trees and sticking in the arrow and shooting. (And yes I do have a picture of that also ~ **smiles**)

Nanny, as referred to by the children (my grandmother),
lives on a hill. The children thought it was AWESOME to walk down in her field & play.

More picture of of the children
down over the hill...

...and at least one more...

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