Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Even Abigail & Zachary got to vote. While it may not have been the 'real thing' they still got to feel important and 'vote'. Zachary was able to do this at school. Since Abigail is home schooled she didn't have that privilege, but we did find out the local library was providing the 'voting' for homeschoolers. So they she got to vote there. They have been VERY ADAMENT for weeks that we should vote for McCain/Palin and they gave very specific reasons for NOT voting for the other which I will not go into on this blog. Just let me tell you these children have been listening to a lot and have come to their own decision. It was not Mom & Dad that persuaded them (although we are proud of their decision). Children do know the difference between right & wrong. If Children took their right to 'vote' then should we adults who can LEGALLY vote!

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