Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Pics 2008

Putting up the ornaments


2 of our Gifts from Above


I hope this song encourages you as much as it has me! I've learned in the last few weeks/months that when everything seems to be falling apart I just need to Praise His Name & when I have a broken heart I need to raise my hands and say "LORD YOU'RE ALL I NEED AND YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO ME" He WILL AND DOES take the pain away. When I feel all alone & feel I can't go on I raise my hands and say "Greater is He that is within me" I can praise the hurt away IF I will just Praise His Name. Sometimes we focus too much on the problem and try to fix things ourselves when all we really need to do is Praise His Name. He is always willing to help us if we will only ask. The Lord has sooo been helping me the last few weeks. It's just so hard to explain but I'm full and bubbling over. Oh that doesn't mean the problems haven't came my way...I've definitely had my share (been without a running vehicle since June ~ how's that for starters ~ thanks MOM for helping out and lending your car so much) but I've learned to PRAISE HIS NAME! No it hasn't been easy Praising Him in the bad times but it has sure helped bring me out of the valley when I do. I just have to be willing to put forth the effort to PRAISE HIM even when I do not feel like it. Well, enough of my ramblings...listen to the song and be BLESSED!!!!

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