Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Abigail & Zachary with their baskets.

Aren't they just the cutest children you've ever seen!!!!!!

These are our two lovely children in their Easter outfits, posing so perfectly for the camera.


Well, this is my 1st attempt to do this. So if it's a little corky it's because I'm new! Any suggestion would be helpful LOL.

Life here at the Watters household stays VERY busy. Zachary, 4 yrs old,(with all his medical issues) keeps us on our toes as he is a little dare devil. He will try ANYTHING and if it gets a laugh out of anyone he'll do it again just for the attention and to make mommy turn gray early I think. All in all, he is a pretty good little guy. He's our little miracle baby (he says he isn't a baby anymore LOL but mommy says he'll always be her baby). I'm sure I'll probably write more about his condition in the future. Then there is Abigail, 7 yrs old going on 17 (she thinks). She is our 1st grader. She loves school and she is doing an excellent job in reading. She loves attention too. She finally lost her first tooth. Actually, the dentist had to pull it because her permanent teeth were growing in behind the baby ones. She has about 4 more that will be the same way. She was a trooper and never winced at all.

Our children are very special to us! We hold them tightly to us as they grow too quickly and will soon be gone from us. Our prayer is that they will remember their Christian upbringing and continue serve God with their WHOLE heart.

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