Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Highlights of our 11th Anniversary

This is where we had lunch...you're probably thinking it odd to go to Wendy's for our special day, but we both totally love Wendy's and usually don't go much so that's what we settled for.

After our wonderful lunch together we went to The Oasis....

The front of the building...

US together...I LOVE YOU BABE!!

Decorations in the room

I tried to get a picture of the little room....it is supposed to be a rainforest theme...it was nice

Tony 'relaxing'

Sarah enjoying the warmth of the water...you have to understand I am ALWAYS cold...the water in this spa was at least 100 degrees they told us...I LOVED IT!

US together

Big Boy is where we ended for dessert....HOT FUDGE ICE CREAM CAKE....YUMMMMMM!!!!

After enjoying the day together we spent the evening with our church family. It was our Thanksgiving Dinner. I may post pictures of that at a later time, but for now I'm focusing on "OUR DAY". Thanks dear for a wonderful 11 years. Through the hard times and the good times, it's been worth it all. I LOVE YOU!


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