Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Kodak Moment

We have a room upstairs that we have a table set up to play games. The family had been playing games and then my sister had to go to work for a little bit. The games were going to continue when she got home.....but things became very quiet upstairs and when we went to investigate here it what we found.....Zachary sitting on the table, head on the game that was to be played and SLEEPING!!! Talk about giving mommy a heart attack...after getting over the shock of the scene I HAD to count it as a Kodak Moment...ENJOY!

Not sure whether he is praying to win or what LOL

AWWWWW....prayer time is over now it's nap time! Zachary actually fell asleep while waiting for Aunt Hannah to come back. Unfortunately, he did not get to play the game.

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