Tuesday, January 29, 2008


On January 31st, 1936, the world was changed in the Newman family. Naomi Newman was born. I don't have any pictures to show you of that wonderful day since I wasn't there LOL. She married my Wonderful Grandfather, Raymond Mayle in 1951 (Yes, that would have made her only 14 ~ but 2 weeks before her 15th Birthday YIKES!!!!! Please don't let my daughter reads this LOL) 5 years later, 3 children later, my precious Mother was born. Long story short, I eventually made it to the scene (hee hee). My grandparents did have a wonderful marriage but Grandpa passed away suddenly in 1992 and to this day is GREATLY missed!!! I am in no way good with words so I'm not going to even try. I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA!!! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for your example!
Here is a poem I found, Dedicated to you GRANDMA!


I remember soft and gentle hands,
Reaching out to dry my tears;
I remember warm and loving arms,
That chases away my fears.

Someone that I can run to,
Who always makes sure she is there;
An ear that will patiently listen,
Someone who always cares.

There's something rare and wonderful,
God places in a Grandmother's heart;
Something he knew a child would need,
Right from the very start.

Heaven has a place reserved
For Grandmother's sweet and kind;
But I'll have a little Heaven on earth,
In the Grandmother I call mine.

My Precious Grandmother

Grandma with the love of her life ~
my Grandfather

Nanny with Sarah with her
Abigail & Zachary special Grandma

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