Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Abigail said I mentioned her losing her tooth earlier so she thinks I need to post a picture so everyone can see. So this is the reason for this posting. She is very proud of losing her first tooth, even though, the dentist had to pull it. Her permanent teeth are growing in behind her baby teeth (they say her mouth is too small for her teeth but I'm sorry I must totally disagree on that LOL) She will have to go back in a few weeks to get another pulled because of the same reason. She did not get to put her tooth under her pillow for the 'tooth fairy' because the dentist, somehow, lost her tooth. She was VERY VERY disappointed. She said "Well, there will be another time so they better not lose it again" LOL Sound like a 7 yrs old? That's mine...... Well, that's about it until Zachary decides he must have his picture posted. I will tell you something funny, yet a little touching....he was listening to one of their CD's that has the Hokey Pokey song on it and he got blessed over it. He was running through the house shouting PRAISE THE LORD, GLORY, HALLELUJAH, AMEN. Now usually I don't allow my children to run through the house, but how could I stop him, even if it was over the hokey pokey. That encourages me that when he gets bigger he will be a shouter. God has a special plan for little Zachary's life. We are very sure of that because of God's Healing Touch on Zachary NUMEROUS times. Well, mom is proud of her children! She could go on and on about them!

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urhis said...

Hey Little Princess! You are a wonderful little lady. Grandma loves you and is praying for you. Jesus has a plan for your life. Follow Him!

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