Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doesn't Mother ALWAYS know!!!! Zachary had to have his picture taken to put on mommy's website. He went to the eye doctor today for a routine checkup from surgery. For the very first time, he sat in the dr chair all by himself. He was very proud of himself. He even says he is going to be a doctor now. Good ~ I can finally retire and my children can pay for everything I WANT now....notice I said WANT NOT NEED......payback is coming. Anyway, that's my post for today (hee hee) By the way, his appt was great for which we Praise the Lord!


urhis said...

Grandma is SOOOO proud of you Zachary. Keep that joyful heart little guy. Jesus has you in the hollow of His hand. Love Him with ALL your heart and the rest of you too! LOL

Tamra said...

Hi Sarah!
Nice to hear from you! It has been a long time. Thanks for stopping by my blog. What a great way to connect and reconnect with friends - old and new!

Tony & Sarah said...

Hey Tamra!

Great to hear back from ya! Your children are so adoreable! They definitely grow too fast.

urhis said...

That's papa's big boy

big_red said...

Hi Tony and sarah
How is everyone doing? i am doing find. I like all the pictures. Zachary is taking after his dad I am saorry sarah to put up with him. Just joking tony. You all take care
Love Mike

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