Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The dreaded day that mommy knew someday would arrive TOO SOON arrived today. My baby started Kindergarten ....here are a few pictures I took today before school. His first words when coming out of school was NOT mommy I missed you (WAAA) but instead SCHOOL WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN TODAY I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK! Now how do you think this mommy is feeling? Thankfully his first day went good but sad because I've realized he is growing up too fast! Love ya buddy!


grandmagene said...

Hi Sarah, It is so hard when your baby starts kindergarten. I know just how you feel. I went through the same thing, even when I put him in preschool. It is hard to believe that Zachary is in kindergarten. I remember when he was born. How time does fly. He looks so grown up. Such cute pictures of him. I am glad you are like me, taking lots of pictures. Some people think I am picture crazy. But pictures are memories. So keep them coming. Thanks for the compliment on my grandchildren. I think they are adorable too. Smile!!!! I am not prejudiced am I????

urhis said...

May ALL of Zachary's school days end just like today! Love you Zachary now pass mommy the tissues. LOL

Sharalyn said...

Sarah, he'll be graduating before you know it. Just ask this mommy with an "empty nest". (Well at least during the school year, with Austin, my baby, off to GBS.)
Does Zachary have Mrs. Rose, or did she retire? She was a real sweet kdg. teacher. Joylene and Austin both had her.
See ya... Sharalyn

Sarah said...

Zachary has Mrs Wozniak. He goes to Summerfield. She is very nice!

Thanks for the comment. It's okay to be prejudice...SMILES

How many boxes will mommy go through before I have to quit passing them to her? HEE HEE

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