Monday, September 8, 2008

Abigail's First Day of 3rd Grade

I just realized that I have neglected to put pictures on here of my 'not so little' girl who started 3rd Grade this year! This year has taken a new direction for her and for me. I've been feeling the Lord leading me to Home School her. Some may have the opinion it was 'others' who gave us this decision but I believe with all my heart it is the Lord leading. To be honest, no one has even mentioned I needed to do this. I've put MANY of "fleeces" out as this was a BIG step for us and wanted to be sure this was TRULY the Lord. One MAJOR decision was my work schedule. I was working a full time job and I knew in order to homeschool I would need to cut back. Right now my income is NEEDED so I knew cutting out my entire income wasn't possible. I cut back to 24 hours a week to see if we could manage and things have been going very well. Oh we are not rich by no means in the worlds eyes, but I feel I will be richer Spiritually for following God. God has already blessed us in so many ways. We don't have the best of everything, but we have EACH OTHER! We may not get those things we want now, but we have what we NEED! Believe me, we are not going hungry. ANYWAY, this is about Abigail's 3rd Grade year!

Abigail on her first day of school ~ Yup this is her school-HOME

When we took Zachary to 'Meet your Teacher' night at school we stopped in to see where Abigail would have been. She was a little disappointed because the teacher she really wanted was going to be her teacher this year. We took a few pictures there. Her sadness didn't last long because she does enjoy being at home and being able to go places with me IF I happen to go anyway.

This is her little desk where she does her school work

This is Abigail & her teacher this year, MOM

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grandmagene said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DECISION OF HOMESCHOOLING. You do have something I don't have.I don't think I could do it, especially since I am not bright enough. But I am glad you are able to do it. I am sure she will enjoy it being able to spend more time with her mom.

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