Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Highlights


Playing volleyball Dad Watters

Waitin for cake Wesley & Brooke

Happy 30th Birthday Chris!

My Dad ~ The Chef Zach, Mom, Dad & Naomi

Victoria & Grandma Hannah & Grandma
(Trying to keep the
misquito's away)

Hannah is enjoying
every bite

Zachary enjoying the Victoria & Abigail
cool whip straight
from the bowl

Dad Tony
The ice cream truck went by the house but because they are so expensive we did not stop them. Instead Grandpa takes his littles ones to the store and lets them pick....aren't Grandpa's so nice!


urhis said...

You will pay Dear Sarah! LOL Your turn is coming!Didn't we have fun though?

Sarah said...

Now Mom ~ what would a Blog be with no pictures! I had to use something hee hee....yes we did have fun!

Hannah said...

Well sister your turn is really coming because I have a picture of when you were younger and I will put that on my blog since you wouldn't let anyone take your picture

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