Monday, August 20, 2007

A Little Of The Last Few Weeks

(Sniff Sniff) As you will notice in the first few pictures, my "baby" is getting ready to head off to school in the next few weeks. Zachary's birthday actually fell 8 days short for Kindergarten, but he has been SOOO excited about starting school I couldn't deny him of that privilege of starting school so we decided to start him in Pre-School (Hold on while I blow my nose again). He had to go for a physical of course (like he hasn't been to the doctor recently ~ HUGE EXAGGERATION~ they gave him the okay for school (Wiping the tears AGAIN) but he did receive 5 shots! Of course, he didn't HAVE to have them this year, but mom decided he wasn't going to be any happier next year about shots than he was this year so we might as well get them over them. Yes, he cried and screamed (and yes mom cried too) but they were over in no time and now ready for school (Pardon me while I go have ANOTHER long cry)

Does he look like he just had 5 shots!

Two shots on the Right Leg
Two shots on the Left Leg
One shot in the arm


This is just a random picture of one of the sunflowers around our house. It's EXTREMELY tall and has LOTS of bloom.
(Shar ~ I thought of you while taking this picture)

One rainy day we decided to make sister, Hannah, did the mixing of cookies and then I spent the next 7 hours (YES THAT IT CORRECT 7 HOURS) baking them. Needless to say, the next morning I had a HORRIBLE migraine. I'm not sure it was attributed to the 7 hours of baking, but it sounded like a good excuse. No we have not eaten all the cookies yet. We've even given some away and still have LOTS left. Oh by the way, these were MONSTER COOKIES! My Favorite!

Zachary doing his best to stir
Abigail putting her muscles to work
Abigail, Hannah, Zachary and all their ingredients
See why I left that part to her (hee - hee)
May not look like many on here but there is DOZENS!


urhis said...

Those cookies were DELICIOUS! Thanks for sharing with us. Love Dad and Mom

urhis said...

Zachary, Grandma is so proud of you for letting the doctor use you as a pin cushion and smiling so bravely afterward. You will be the teachers STAR Student. Praying God will give you and Abigail a super school year.

Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

Off to school - what a big step for a little guy. Zachary is a very independent boy. I am sure he will do just fine. Even tough Mommy doesn't want him to leave. And he is smart enough to move to the head of the class. By the way, I think we were able to "experience" those cookies as well. "Monster" seems to be a good title for them because they were "eerily" delicious. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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