Thursday, January 8, 2009

Better late than never....HAPPY 9th Birthday, Abigail!

So I am WAYYYYY behind on blogging...WHAT'S NEW!!! LOL On January 2, our darling daughter turned 9 years old! That is just unbelieveable...I have a 9 year old??? I feel OLDDD! We definitely remember the events of the day and evening before her birth. They were a tad bit think my first born was almost born along a MAJOR highway was NOT what I had in mind but it almost became reality. Thankfully, we did make it to the hospital and 10 minutes later Little Abigail Dawn made her appearance. She is such a blessing to us! We were at my Grandma's in Southern Ohio for her birthday. Abigail's Grandma (my mom) bought her an ice cream cake...MMMMM!!! WE thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! Here are just a few pictures I captured of this BIG event.....We love you, Abigail!


urhis said...

It was a wonderful party! It couldn't have been for a nicer little girl! Of course I'm prejudice....she's my granddaughter! Love you, Abigail!!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday to Abigail! What a very cute cake idea.

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