Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have MANY things to blog about but tonight I'm only blogging this one thing and then going to bed. God has answered a MAJOR prayer for us. We have had no RUNNING vehicle since about May 2008. We have borrowed from parents and we are very thankful for their kindness in letting us borrowing them. We bought this car about 2 months ago and when we were to bring it home it quit running! We were very discouraged as we knew we were going to have to stick more money that we don't have into this car now. Thankfully, my uncle is a great mechanic and was able to work on this car and this weekend we were able to drive it home! YEAHHHH!!! God is soooo good to us! Yes, I may be 'oh ye of little faith' because I guess I really wasn't expecting the car to make it home but God came through again and helped us! It sure has boosted my faith in just this matter. Oh yes, the devil may be there tomorrow to try to discourage about something else I can just remind him that GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! Thanks for all those who have prayed for us concerning this matter.

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urhis said...

God is SO good!!

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