Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I only like this weather if I do NOT have to go out in it. Unfortuantly, around here it's almost next to impossible to not have to go out sometime during the day. I guess that's what winter is all about huh! That's why I cannot wait until Summer!!!! (Or at least Spring ~ I'm not one for cold anyway) Anyway, as of now here's what we have and it's still coming down. I suppose I'm going to pretend to be a bear for tonight (of course my DH probably thinks I'm a bear ALL the time) and go hibernate for the night.

Even poor little Cuddles has to forge the snow...thankfully he is black so he doesn't get too lost :-)


In other news....the tooth fairy will be visiting AGAIN tonight :-} That's right Abigail lost another tooth tonight. She has another one that's VERY close to coming out so I'm sure we haven't seen the last of 'her' for this year.

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urhis said...

Shall I ask the dentist to build Abigail a bridge? LOL

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