Monday, September 29, 2008


Saturday, September 27th, was our yearly Family Reunion in Southern Ohio. There were around 150 people in attendance and there was by far not everyone there. Here are a few of the pictures I took. I do not have a lot of Zachary because he was one sick little guy that day. He did not enjoy himself at all. It was supposed to rain that day but thank the Lord He held it off until around 9:00 PM. We had only been back at my grandma's maybe 5 minutes when the rain started! All in all it was a good time and we enjoyed seeing those who sometime we only get to see at the reunion.

1st Picture ~ Zachary at Laa Laa's before going to the Reunion
2nd Picture ~ How Zachary spent most of the day at the Reunion

Grandma with Zachary & Abigail at the Reunion

Few of the people that were there

Memory Table ~ A candle was lit for my Great Grandpa & Grandma & every child/child in law of theirs that has passed away and grandchild, great grandchild & there was even a couple great great children that had passed way. Very very moving!

They had several activities for the children one of which was they put 3 gummy worms in a BUNCH of cool whip and they had to get the worms out of the cool whip with their mouth and NO HANDS....guess my daughter was an expert; she was the first one done! Way to go!!! They had a lot of fun with that.


Greg and Tasha Q. said...

Sure wish that we could of been there! We miss everyone dearly! Keep the posts coming, I love to go and look back at pics of home! :-) The comfort through all of our home-sickness is the fact that we KNOW that God's will is for us to be here. Keep us in your prayers!

Sarah said...

We sure did miss you all too! Being in the Center of God's Will is the ONLY place to be though it brings us to some things we must miss and go through. We pray for you daily! Keep encouraged! Love ya all!

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