Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bridal Shower

Guess it is time for another update...things have just been EXTREMELY busy around here as I am sure it has been with everyone else. Here are just a couple of things that have kept us occupied........On September 13th Abigail & I attended the Bridal Shower of my niece, Lynette. It's hard to believe this 'little girl' that was my flower girl 12 years ago is now preparing for her wedding in less than a month. WHERE HAS TIME GONE!!!! Her shower was very nice and she received many things she will need in the years to come. Here are just a few pictures I took (as a side note for GENENE...I was nice and left out yours *SMILES* it was sure hard though)

Here is the Bride-To-Be...Lynette

This was the cake her Future Mother In Law made..she painted the little people on there to match the Wedding Colors. GREAT JOB DEE DEE!

The first table was her gift table. The 2nd table was also gifts but this was things people for Lynette. They introduced themselves using the gift as it had to begin with the letter of their name ex: S=soap, shampoo or something that associates with S (CLEAR AS MUD?)

Lynette with her Mom & Lynette with her Mother & Grandma Downer

Lynette with her Sister, Kayla & Lynette with Grandma Watters

Lynette with Aunt Sarah (that's me of course) & then that's me with my darling little daughter who can't wait till she gets married! I CAN DEFINITELY WAIT!!!!!

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grandmagene said...

Hey Sarah, Great pictures of the bridal shower. Thanks for leaving mine out. You would have ruined your blog.lol Yes, it was a very nice shower.

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