Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A little of everything


Somehow I missed giving the results of Zachary's MRI and only realized when some of my faithful readers asked about him (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!) We got wonderful news and everything looks great with Zachary. He doesn't have to have another MRI for about 2 years (of course that is providing that everything keeps growing properly). The surgeon was very impressed on how well Zachary is doing. We give God all the Glory! As we were leaving the room, the surgeon mentioned to the nurse (thinking we were out of ear shot) how great Zachary really looked & that he was a miracle. Again, God gets ALL the praise! Yes, the doctors did an excellent job, but God had HIS HAND in the situation. Zachary is sure our miracle boy and we believe God has something very special in store for him as he grows! Love ya little guy!



All my pictures for this VBS turned out dark :( so I am not putting many on...my children had quite a bit of fun here.


Their snack were very interesting...the first day they made race cars (Pictured above), 2nd day was the garage, 3rd day was a mat made of cheese & cracker and the 4th day was a stop light with brownies. The children LOVED this!

One girl and one boy were to received a bike for the most points. Much to our surprise our precious Abigail won the girls bike. She has been loving it!!!! We can't keep her off it.

These are the littlier children learning the Bible Verse by stacking "presents". They enjoyed it more I think because they could knock them over and then put them back together. After they learned the Scripture they were 'issused' license plate....STAY OFF THE ROADS NOW!

These were a few of the games they played...'tire' toss and a water balloon game which they ALL loved for some reason. I must say they loved it!


Tamra said...

So glad Zachary's MRI turned out good.
Your VBS looks like it was awesome! What creative kid ideas!

grandmagene said...

Hi Sarah,
Loved your pictures. So glad Zacharys MRI turned out great. He sure is a miracle. Are you all still attending Blissfield church? Just wondering. Your VBS looks like it was really good. Very different. Glad to see you blogging. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

Sarah said...


Yes, we still attend Blissfield Church. The kids attended our VBS one week and then my parents church had VBS the next and they wanted to go.

urhis said...

We had as much fun as the kids at VBS. I'm glad Zachary & Abigail could be there.

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