Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School is about to start for one little guy!

WHERE TO START....let me get the tissue box first! My 'baby' went to meet his teacher tonight. While he is VERY excited about Kindergarten, mommy is realizing the time is flying!!! It's hard to believe he is this grown up. Here are a few pictures...I'm sure there will be more when school actually starts next Tuesday. I will probably be part owner in the tissue company for a while *smiles*

Posing in front of a tree and then on his way to school

Opening the door and Zachary with Mrs. Wozniak (can you imagine these Kindergarteners saying her name LOL....he actually says it pretty good though)

Putting his supplies in his 'mailbox' and reading a book

Just posing for mommy again and saying his ABC's

Finding his locker and WORN OUT FROM THE DAY


urhis said...

We trust Zachary has a wonderful year in kindergarten. He is growing so quickly but he will always be our sweet little guy!We love you! Grandpa & Grandma

Anonymous said...

I have a grandson, Nicholas, born 12/17/2007 who also has craniofacial dyssynostosis with small stature. He will be having his first brain surgery on 9/5/07 at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. I found your site by researching dyssynostosis and it has given me such hope and comfort for our little Nicholas. In his short 9 months, he has had 8 surgeries and will require a minimum of 3 reconstruction surgeries on his head. God bless you for posting updates on Zachary. He is truly a gift from God and such an inspiration for me. Thank you.

Sarah said...


Thank you so much for your comment. If you have any questions please feel free to email me I'd be interested in knowing more about your little guy. We will keep you all in our prayers. As a mother of a little one who has been through all these surgeries I can honestly know how you feel! God Bless you all!

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