Thursday, July 10, 2008


Well, I meant to update days ago, but it's been TOO BUSY! Zachary did EXCELLENT with his MRI. He was pretty proud of himself also because he didn't cry. Mommy was able to go in with him until he went to sleep so that eased his mind a little. They didn't put the IV's & breathing tube in until after he was asleep so that was good too. Here are a few pictures of his day. We will not have the results of the next until next week at his doctor appt.

Here is Zachary with his puppy, Spot, who he got to take with him. This picture was while waiting to be checked in.

Here he is in his cute little hospital gown. Such a handsome little fellow!

This was just after he came out & was in recovery. They like for them to eat a popsicle or drink some juice before leaving but Zachary doesn't not eat popsicles and ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT touch juice (he is an ALL WATER BOY) so they said he could go home if we watched him, Of course this mother keeps a very close on her 'baby' anyway!!!!! He did great though. By the time we got home (an hour later) you would have never known he had been through all that. Usually he is very droggy after these tests and sleeps much of the rest of the day, but this time he was not. PRAISE THE LORD! Zachary is definitely our little miracle child! We believe the Lord has definitely got something special in store for his little life.


urhis said...

You were terrific Zachary! Glad it is over with.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your little guy going through all of that. Bless his heart. Hope things keep looking up for him.

Norma Gwen Watson said...

Zachary sounds like a brave boy like Preston. These boys have been through a lot in their lives already. Will be anxious to hear the results of the MRI.

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