Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

These are the cards I received for Mother's Day. Abigail & Zachary made theirs at school and then daddy bought one from the store for them and also from himself. I will always treasures these! I love you, Abigail & Zachary & My Dear Husband!

These are the gifts I abigail planted at school....Gift Card to Bath & Body Works (YEAHHH) Zachary made the cute flower that is stuck in the middle of the other flowers. Very neat! Also received a little basket with a pen, paper, emery board & magnet that all say A Mother's Love Is Forever!

I received this tote bag from church!


Leah said...

Happy Mother's Day!

grandmagene said...

That bag is very nice. Is that what they passed out to all the moms?

Sarah said...

Genene ~

I was the only one that received that bag at church. They gave out the little baskets with the paper and all that in it. Then they asked a couple of questions and the first to answer received this bag or a coffee mug. I REALLY love this! Your grand daughter is very cute! CONGRATS!

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