Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy 32nd Birthday,Darling

It was 32 years ago today the Watters family was blessed with a 6th boy...he was named Anthony David Watters

19 1/2 years later you went on to make me a 'Blushing Bride' . While it has been 11 1/2 years, you are still the handsome man I married.

3 years later this not so little girl anymore came into the world and made you "THE WORLD'S GREATEST DAD"....

Almost 3 years later this little guy would add more joy to our lives....

We went on to have 2 more babies, God needed 2 more angels in Heaven so He took them. While we never knew what they were this picture always reminds me of them....

This is a poem that was on a card I seen and I think it fits here PERFECTLY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAREST!

On your birthday,
I want you to know
how lucky I feel
to be sharing my life with you.
Nothing compared to having your trust,
your friendship,
and your love...

I know it takes some work
and compromise
to keep a relationship strong,
and I feel incredibly lucky
to have found someone
who understands that -
someone who believes
that a love like ours
is worth giving all we have.

On your birthday,
I want you to know
you're the one
I love more each day,
who keep falling in love with
over and over
through the years.

The world may change around us,
but that doesn't worry me
because I found the love of my life...
and that's something
I want to celebrate


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urhis said...

Happy Birthday, Tony! May you have many more. You're my favorite (and only) son-in-law! Thanks for all you do. You fill a special place in our family that nobody else could fill. God Bless!
Love, Dad & Mom Avery

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