Monday, September 10, 2007

Zachary's 1st Day of School

Well, the day came that Mommy has
been "TEARFULLY" dreading!
Now he will tell you he is NOT a baby,
but he will ALWAYS be my baby....
While he (as well as mommy) shed some tears,
he was doing better before we left him.
When I picked him up after school, he said,
"I liked school!" So that encouraged me,
yet made me even sadder...He really is growing up
(pardon me I need another box of tissues).
Here are a few pictures to share with you....ENJOY

Mrs Laking & Zachary


urhis said...

Zachary was quick to inform that he had GIRLS in his class! Have fun in school Zachary. Work hard too. Love You, Grandma & Grandpa

Angie Davis said...

Uh-oh, he's noticing girls ALREADY. Mommy really will need kleenex. (And maybe chocolate...) :)

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