Monday, June 4, 2007


WOW! Time sure flies! Guess I'm not keeping up on this very well and I don't even have an excuse this time LOL I could make up one I'm sure, but I guess this time I'll pull myself by the boot straps and admit it ~ I DON'T HAVE AN EXCUSE. Of course, we have been busy with graduations, parties, a wedding & the holiday so maybe that counts. I don't really have anything outstanding to tell about so I am just going to add a few pictures I've taken the last week or so. Believe me it's not even a beginning of what I've taken. I'm known as the camera lady around here because I ALWAYS have my camera and I'm ALWAYS taking pictures. Of course, some (ahem..I won't name names dear father - in- law) aren't very fond of me taking their picture, but I just can't help that LOL. (YOU GOTTA LOVE ME ANYWAY!) Anyway, I'll quit rambling and let you look at the pictures. Maybe I should pre-warn (is that even a word hee hee) you ...I have 5 nephews coming in from Kansas so I may delay in updating again. But who knows, I may take so many picture I will just have to share....ANYWAY....till the next time....taa taa

These are my 2 precious children
Zachary & AbigailMy wonderful Mother-in-law is ALWAYS trying to
keep my ORNERY Father-in-law in line...
it is very hard at times
(told you you're picture would appear sometime)

Abigail playing at the park with Cousins
Uncle Nathan was pushing them on the tire
swing and they were having a BLAST!

Zachary ~ my little monkey.
He does ANYTHING to worry his poor, gray-headed mother

Zachary with Cousin Natalia

Zachary is trying to catch fish....
He is begging Mommy & Daddy for a fishing pole
Time will tell if they listen to him LOL


Sharlyn said...

Welcome back! I was missing you...

urhis said...

Some great shots! Natalia and Zachary are so cute. Bring that camera and we shall see if we can coral my seven grandchildren for some pictures.

Tony & Sarah said...

awwww thanks Shar....It's nice to be missed once in a while....Hee hee

Tony & Sarah said...

Mom, I was gonna try yesterday but I didn't wanna press my luck yet LOL

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